Hey, I’m Rachel.

You can have your kale and eat cake too.

Food, fitness, lifestyle and everything in between.

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Food, lifestyle & everything in between.

healthy breakfast


Who else wishes they could pull food out of photos and eat it right then and there?

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About Me

Self-indulgent ramble.

“Clean eating necessarily implies that any other form of eating – and consequently the eater of it – is dirty or impure and thus bad, and it’s not simply a way of shaming and persecuting others, but leads to that self-shaming and self-persecution that is forcibly detrimental to true healthy eating.”

Nigella Lawson

Damn right, Nigella.

I love balanced eating. I love eating healthy food that nourishes me. I also love cake. And Tim Tams. And Lotus Biscoff spread. And, spinach.

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