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Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m passionate about food, health, writing, media, and pouring my creativity into everything I do (that includes my morning oats). I studied Media & Communications + Marketing at Queensland University of Technology. 

If you’ve stalked my Insta, you may be aware I’m a true blue foodie (pimped out porridge bowls making a frequent appearance on my page), a Lotus Biscoff enthusiast, and I love fitness. If you’re stalking my blog, I’d like to think you’ve gathered I’m an eager writer who loves to dive deep on sharing the latest foodie trend, new restaurant, healthy recipe, fitness update or whatever I think is worth sharing on that particular day.

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I love to travel too. When I was little, I watched A LOT of Getaway. Since then, I couldn’t wait to grow up and explore the world myself. I got to do this on my exchange back in 2019. I signed up to catapult myself across the globe, to a city that reaches below minus 20 degrees and was coated in ice so thick that falling over was a regular occurrence – in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

It was here that I truly leaned into my love of food. As a tourist, I was exploring new food places all the time, snapping photos so I could look back on them in the future. I got home and this habit of reflection continued. This evolved into me realising how truly joyous food is. And, how important it is to relish in this joy.

After my exchange, I also threw myself into fitness – after many attempts to maintain a consistent fitness regime. Finally, I found what I love and it had stuck. But when it comes to working out, I’ve learned the internal benefits far outweigh the external benefits.

When it comes to media consumption, podcasts take the cake for me. My top shows are ShamelessThe BriefingJust the GistI Weigh and BBC Radio’s ‘The Food Programme‘. I love to listen while going for a walk or bike ride, on the train, while washing… the list goes on.

I really hope you enjoy my foodie/health/fitness/lifestyle rambles here. I certainly enjoy sharing them.

Rachel xx

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